North River Commission thrives because of its connection to residents of our service area. Active neighborhood associations, which we call "civics" are partners in the work we do together to improve the quality of life for all. The follow is an alphabetical list of those civics.

Albany Park

Albany Park Neighbors
We are a new community group comprised of Albany Park residents. Let’s come together and work to improve our community by connecting with neighbors and local officials. Albany Park Neighbors is just getting started, but we have a lot of enthusiasm. If you identify as an Albany Parker, or live between the boundaries of Pulaski and Kedzie and Foster and Montrose, please join us! Bring an open heart, rolled-up sleeves and great ideasMission Statement: Albany Park Neighbors brings together residents with businesses, officials, and relevant agencies to develop practical, positive, productive ways to improve our area for all who live, play, learn, and do business here.

People of East Albany Park Block Club
The People of East Albany Park (PEAP) block club was formed in March 2012 as a response to an increase in violence in our neighborhood.
Our mission is to:
- provide a place for friends and neighbors to meet and strengthen the sense of community;
- give neighbors a place to express their concerns and ideas;
- create opportunities for positive interaction between individuals of all backgrounds;
- provide a social anchor for neighborhood activities and involvement;
- make the neighborhood an attractive, aesthetically pleasing area;
- help respect the unique historical aspects of the neighborhood and work towards building and sustaining a vibrant sustainable future; and
- give residents a chance to build their community by choice, not chance.
Our boundaries include the residents of:
- 4400-4500 blocks of North Whipple, Albany & Troy
- 3000-3100 blocks of Wilson & Sunnyside

Hollywood and North Park Communities
The Hollywood North Park Civic Association, forerunner of today's Hollywood - North Park Community Association, was created in 1951 by neighbors who sued to shut down a troublesome business on Metropolitan Sanitary District land near Peterson and Jersey Avenues. After winning the suit, the Association successfully campaigned to have the land transferred to the Chicago Park District, which converted it to green space, now known and enjoyed as Legion Park. 
Those determined residents created a legacy that the Association carries forward today: Assessing neighbors' concerns and seeking consensus, strategizing and acting together to develop solutions, enjoying the natural and cultural bounty of our community.
Since 1951, HNPCA milestones include:
Lobbying for and receiving the city's first "Residential Only Permit Parking" on streets near Northeastern Illinois University;
 Saving the former Municipal Tuberculosis Sanatorium grounds from commercial development and remaking them for community as North Park Village;
 Convincing the Chicago Fire Department to keep its Peterson Pulaski station open;
 Advocating successfully for the Albany Park Library and, more recently, for Northside College Preparatory High School.
In 2001 HNPCA celebrated its 50th anniversary with an outdoor festival at North Park Village.
For more information please follow this link:

Horner Park West Neighborhood Association
The Horner Park West Neighborhood Association (HPWNA) has been working to improve the community since 1988, helping residents to deal with problems they might have, or that they see developing. HPWNA serves as a liaison for the neighborhood with the alderman’s office, Chicago Police and other civic organizations. HPWNA represents the neighborhood bounded by Montrose, California, Irving Park and Sacramento.
HPWNA holds monthly board meetings on the second Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM at the Horner Park Fieldhouse. Board meetings are open to all.
HPWNA for much of its history has been a concerns-driven organization, working to keep our community safe and clean. As neighborhood concerns are low at present, we are focusing on social gatherings in the hopes that the friendships formed during this period will keep the neighborhood strong for years to come.
For more information:

Horner Park Advisory Council (HPAC) is a nonprofit citizens’ group dedicated to assisting the Chicago Park District in the management of its parks, both in terms of capital improvements and programs. The group has been instrumental in doubling the size of Ravenswood Manor Park, building the pergola at that site, and maintaining a community garden. It also has raised money for new trees at Buffalo Park and a garden at Horner Park. HPAC meets at 7:30 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month at the Horner park field house. New members are welcome.  For more information, visit the HPAC's website at:

Irving Park Community
TRIP / The Residents of Irving Park
TRIP (formerly UNITE) was founded in May of 1976 by a group of neighbors that organized to form a voice for the Irving Park community. Today, TRIP is made up of community residents that share the same concern and serves Chicago's Irving Park Neighborhood from Montrose Ave. to Irving Park Road, and Monticello to Sacramento Avenue.

The Old Irving Park Association (OIPA) is a non-profit, all volunteer community group active on Chicago's northwest side since 1983. Our members, ranging from young families to longtime residents, work together on many projects which impact our mutual quality of life. These range from painting murals under viaducts and creating street banners to traffic and zoning issues and working with housing developers and area businesses. Social activities include an annual Holiday Potluck, Spring Egg Hunt, June Ice Cream Social and special childrens' events. OIPA serves as a link between the residents of Old Irving Park and all of our elected officials. The group is a federally registered 501(c)3 organization.
Our members - 700 households within a one square mile area - attend meetings at 7 PM on the 2nd Monday of each month, September through June, at Irving Park Baptist Church, 4401 W. Irving Park. OIPA also publishes a 60+ page monthly newsletter which is included in the $20 annual membership ($14 for seniors).

Mayfair Civic Association neighbors making a difference since 1945. The mission of the Mayfair Civic Association is to form a united, progressive, and constructive community in which to live, to establish communication between residents, to achieve harmonious teamwork, to provide good leadership to solve community problems, to enhance the beauty of our neighborhood, to encourage the youth of our community to participate in neighborhood projects, to promote safety wherever it is needed, and to secure the cooperation of proper authorities to achieve our goals.
For more information, please visit:
North Mayfair
The North Mayfair Improvement Association is a neighborhood organization of residents dedicated to keeping our community safe and a desirable place to live and raise families. The NMIA provides a forum for residents to come together and discuss concerns and suggestions for improving the community.  The NMIA keeps neighbors informed of community events and issues through the "Improver", our monthly newsletter which is distributed to over 3000 North Mayfair residents.  For more information please visit:

Some NMIA neighborhood activities include:

  • Sponsor and volunteer in park cleanup projects at Gompers Park.
  • Help preserve and maintain the nature trails, lagoon, and wetlands in the park.
  • Sponsor one boys and one girls baseball teams in association with the Gompers Park Athletic Association.
  • Help fund Gompers Park for the children’s Easter, Halloween, and Christmas parties.
  • Sponsor a 4th of July Parade for the community.
  • Provide financial assistance to the Garden Club to help beautify North Mayfair.
  • Work closely with our alderman and her staff on issues affecting our community.
  • Maintain a vigilance regarding zoning changes, property use and new developments to protect property values and the character of the neighborhood.
  • Work closely with other civic organizations to stay informed on local issues.

Peterson Park
Peterson Park Improvement Association. Boundaries: Devon, Pulaski, Peterson, and the Chicago River. Mission: Peterson Park is a North Side residential neighborhood which borders Hollywood Park, W. Rogers Park, Sauganash and Lincolnwood. It proudly and positively is called home by a very diverse population which is committed to the welfare of all of its home owners and their families.
The Peterson Park Improvement Association(in existence for over 60 years is dedicated to represent all of its residents and aims to preserve the beauty of its neighborhood, to directly and indirectly work to achieve area improvements and be alert to changes, opportunities and threats which require timely community leadership action.

Ravenswood Manor
Ravenswood Manor Improvement Association (RMIA) was formed in 1914 and since then has worked to maintain maintain the “park-like” condition in the Manor. RMIA annually hosts the garage sale, bike parade, garden walk and Oktoberfest. This unique neighborhood is more than a collection of distinctive houses; it is a community of people.
The RMIA is a non-profit association under the laws of Illinois. The objective of the RMIA is “To promote the welfare of the community in respect to the maintenance and improvement of the physical appearance of the private and public property; the compliance with the laws as applicable to private and public property; the maintenance of facilities with respect to the safety, health and welfare of its residents.”
 For more information, please visit the RMIA website at:

Sauganash Community Association (“SCA”) was founded in 1924.  Its continued purpose remains to unite the residents and promote the common good.  To these ends, the Association functions within the community to:

  • Preserve the community's architectural and general appearance
  • Advocate beneficial projects within the community
  • Promote civic, social, and recreational functions in the community
  • Encourage legislation and participation in government administrative proceedings related to the community
  • Encourage improvements and protection, and maintain zoning laws in the community

The SCA is responsible for working with local government in the area of city services, police protection, and zoning.  The SCA also works with park district officials to organize the annual Fourth of July picnic at Sauganash Park and to make recommendations about park programs and facilities.  The SCA funds mosquito abatement in the summer.  The SCA also encourages improvements within Sauganash, including beautification projects and memorials.  
To learn more about the Sauganash Community Association, please visit their website at

West River Park Neighbors
A neighborhood association on the north side of Chicago. We meet on the third Tuesday evening of each month. We are focused on the area bounded by Foster Ave., Kedzie Ave., Lawrence Ave., and the Chicago river. (This is the 18th precinct of the 33rd ward.) Everyone who lives, works, and plays here or close by is welcome.

NRC Civics