North Park Village

Preservation of the Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium by North River Commission
In the 1980s, plans were to raze the land and construct strip malls and condominiums. However, community activists rallied against these plans, ushering in the preservation of North Park Village. In 1989, an easement was enacted to prohibit any development of this property and to define how it was to be maintained as a natural area for 75 years. Efforts are being made by today’s community activists to extend this protection into perpetuity.

North Park Village Nature Center
North Park Village Nature Center features a 46-acre nature preserve and educational facility, which are situated within the 155-acre North Park Village campus. The nature preserve offers trails that wind through woodland, wetland, prairie and savanna. A discovery room, a hands-on table of natural objects, and interactive displays are highlights of the Nature Center.

DNAinfo article about the 2015 centennial:
How the 100-Year-Old North Park Village Went From Loathed to Loved

Chicago Reader article from 1989 by Ben Joravsky
Against all odds: the preservation of North Park Village

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