Current Community-Engaged Planning 

CMAP / Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, Local Technical Assistance
North River Commission is partnered with CMAP to develop a comprehensive community plan for the North River communities. The project is in Phase 2 of 4. Phase 1: Existing Conditions is complete and Phase 2: Community Visioning is in process. Phase 3: Plan Writing will be completed summer 2017, and then Phase 4: Implementation will begin thereafter.

CTA / Chicago Transit Authority Capacity Study and Economic Development
North River Commission is assisting CTA with a core capacity study on the Brown Line, particularly with respect to the Kimball, Kedzie and Francisco stations and the rail yard at Kimball. In addition NRC is collaborating on the economic development study of the business district around the Kimball and Kedzie stations.

LISC / Local Initiatives Support Corporation - New Communities Lead Agency
The NCP Network is LISC Chicago's flagship program, a partnership with 17 community-based "lead agencies" that coordinate the work of more than 70 partners across 28 community areas. North River Commission is the NCP Network lead agency for Albany Park and surrounding communities.

Next Community Meeting
Wednesday, February 22nd 6:00p

Community Wide Gathering to Create A Vision for Our Future
North River Commission is bringing research and planning resources to our area to create a neighborhood plan that captures our collective vision for the future and develops the policies and strategies to achieve that vision. Adding your voice to the many voices already engaged is essential to the development of our plan. Your opportunity to hear from the researchers and for them to hear from you is at the next community meeting:

Wednesday, February 22nd 6:00pm
Roosevelt High School, 3436 W Wilson at Kimball
Parking is available in the school lot, corner of St. Louis and Leland

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CMAP/Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning's study area is centered on the Albany Park neighborhood, includes the areas around CTA Brown Line stations Kimball, Kedzie and Francisco, and the Chicago River system from Horner Park to Gompers Park. The plan will allow NRC, elected officials, city departments, residents, business owners, and potential investors to make informed decisions on land use, transportation, infrastructure, and capital improvements throughout the area. In addition, it will provide a roadmap to achieving the goals of our communities. The plan will explore changing community trends, identify emerging challenges, and promote new opportunities. The plan will have a strong focus on active transportation, transit-oriented development (TOD), economic development, and stormwater planning. NRC invites you to attend and please bring your friends and neighbors to contribute to this important community-wide project.

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