The Albany Park & Irving Park Special Service Area (SSA #60), located in the most diverse neighborhood in Chicago, supports a vibrant, safe, clean, beautiful, and welcoming commercial district filled with restaurants, attractive retail and service, and entertainment and cultural options that meet the needs of local residents and attract visitors.

Current programs and services within the business district:

  • Facade improvement program, 50% rebates
  • Security Camera Installation Grants
  • Daily litter abatement
  • Tree inventory, planting, and maintenance
  • Snow removal
  • Bike parking inventory and addition
  • Business attraction and vacancy inventory
  • District marketing and customer attraction events

Request for Proposal (RFP) opportunities:

Boundaries of SSA #60:

  • Montrose Ave: Central Park to 2650 W Montrose Ave
  • Lawrence Ave: Kimball to 2901 W Lawrence Ave
  • Kedzie Ave: 4907 N Kedzie Ave to Irving Park Rd
  • Kimball Ave: Lawrence to Leland
  • Irving Park Rd: Spaulding to Sacramento

SSA #60 Vendors: