Sidewalk Cafe & Outdoor Dining Rebate Program

Program Description

In response to the impacts of COVID-19 on our restaurants, the Albany Park & Irving Park Special Service Area #60 (SSA) launched the Outdoor Dining Rebate Program. Sidewalk cafes and patios create welcoming and vibrant business corridors by activating public space, encouraging pedestrian traffic, inviting interaction with businesses, and contributing to the aesthetic landscape with attractive furniture and greenery. To encourage businesses within the Albany Park & Irving Park SSA to invest in installing sidewalk cafes, SSA #60 will reimburse up to $500 for eligible, patio-specific expenses to help offset the costs of creating or maintaining this outdoor area as a benefit to the community and commercial district.  Rebate funds are limited. 

If your business has both a Sidewalk Patio Cafe Permit and Expanded Outdoor Dining Permit (pandemic), this rebate is only eligible for one rebate, not both.


The Outdoor Dining Rebate Program is to businesses located within the Albany Park & Irving Park SSA #60 boundaries.


Boundaries of SSA #60

  • Montrose Ave: The Chicago River to Central Park Ave
  • Lawrence Ave: The Chicago River to Pulaski Ave
  • Kedzie Ave: Ainslie Ave to Irving Park Rd
  • Kimball Ave: Lawrence to Leland
  • Irving Park Rd: California to Central Park Ave
2022 SSA60 Map - Yellow-01


Below are the steps and timeline for applicants:

STEP 1: Applicant submits completed Sidewalk Café Permit or Expanded Outdoor Dining (pandemic) application to the City of Chicago

STEP 2: After the application is approved, the City of Chicago will mail a Sidewalk Café Permit fee invoice to the applicant. Expanded Outdoor Dining applications have no fees.

STEP 3: Applicant pays the Sidewalk Café Permit fee and keeps proof of payment for records. SSA Rebate will be paid to the name used to pay the permit fee.

STEP 4: Applicant receives Sidewalk Café Permit or Expanded Outdoor Dining Permit (pandemic) from the City of Chicago. 

STEP 5: Applicant submits completed Sidewalk Café Permit Fee Rebate application and copy of Sidewalk Café Permit/Expanded Outdoor Dining Permit issued by the city to the North River Commission for the Albany Park & Irving Park SSA #60 rebate. 

Submit these items by email to: Catherine George,

or US Mail to:

Albany Park & Irving Park SSA Program Manager
North River Commission
3403 W Lawrence Ave Ste 201
Chicago, IL 60625 

STEP 6: SSA Manager evaluates, approves, and mails a rebate check up to $500 based on expenses to Sidewalk Cafe Permit applicant. Please allow up to three weeks to receive your rebate.