Winter Wonderland Bingo Returns!

The holiday season is here! Spend your dollars locally by using this year's Winter Wonderland Bingo card as a shopping and dining guide from November 26, 2021 through February 27, 2022. Go explore local shops and businesses, win local swag, and get entered to win raffle prizes! Now more than ever, our small businesses are counting on YOUR support to help them survive and thrive.

How it works: 

  • Players pick up a Winter Wonderland Bingo card from select participating retail businesses or you can print your own at THIS LINK.
  • Participating businesses validate the Player's card after a purchase is made.
  • The player turns in a completed valid Bingo card
  • Players will receive local swag and be entered to win raffle prizes twice a month!

Game rules

  • Traditional Bingos Only: players get a valid bingo when a line with five activities is completed in a diagonal, horizontal, or vertical row.
  • Limit one prize per Player
  • Raffles winners will be selected via lottery on a bi-weekly basis
  • Players must email or text a copy of their completed valid Bingo Card, receipts, and contact information to or 312-860-8543.

Participating Businesses:

Holiday Specials Newsletter, Shop Small
Tons of specials at local businesses, click here