Arts and Culture

Arts and culture are powerful, cross-cutting aspects of community development. The NRC Arts Committee supports arts and culture in our service area as a complementary effort to our community and economic development goals. Cultural spaces can anchor neighborhoods and commercial corridors. Public art and cultural events can be vehicles for community cultural expression, and help to create vibrant spaces that connote feelings of belonging to residents and engender community pride and stewardship. Cultural performances and placemaking can enliven community parks, vacant and underutilized spaces, and commercial districts.

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Join Us!

The North River Commission is actively seeking community residents, artists, business owners, and representatives of local organizations and institutions to join us in support a robust network of arts and cultural expression, events, and opportunities in our service area.

Create, Install, and Perform with Us!

North River Commission is actively seeking local artists, performers, writers, or other creative individuals and groups to work with on public art, cultural events, and other activities in our communities. If you are interested in working with us, please contact NRC through the link below.

Arts and Culture Vision

North River Commission and the Arts Committee envisions a local network that:

  • Expresses local cultures through public art, cultural events, and educational opportunities, promoting a sense of belonging for residents
  • Promotes local economic development by attracting visitors and residents to neighborhood business districts
  • Promotes economic and community development by supporting cultural businesses and organizations to locate and thrive in the area
  • Enhances and beautifies the service area, including commercial corridors, parks, and other public spaces
  • Promote opportunities for people to participate in arts and cultural activities, including education & workforce training
Arts and Culture Work

North River Commission and the Arts Committee accomplishes our vision for Arts and Culture by:

  • Providing regular communications about arts and cultural activities, events, and opportunities in the service area through email and social media
  • Acting as a clearinghouse of information about cultural organizations, businesses, and opportunities in the district through the cultural mapping
  • Creating and implementing cultural programs, including Lot Jams and the Mosaic Albany Park Arts Festival
  • With economic development staff and volunteers, supporting local cultural businesses, organizations, and institutions in the area
  • With education staff and volunteers, promoting in-school and after-school arts and culture opportunities
  • With SSA manager and commission, facilitating public art installations in the business district through SSA60

Past Events

Mosaic Albany Park Arts Festival - 2019

Mosaic Albany Park Arts Festival is an annual celebration of arts in Albany Park, spotlighting the artists, organizations, and businesses that make Albany Park a cultural destination.

In 2019, Mosaic featured over 35 events throughout the neighborhood, across one weekend in September, drawing over 750 attendees. Events included music, theater, spoken word, gallery openings, a homebrew competition, open studios, and an event at River Park to celebrate the opening of the new boathouse.



Lot Jams - 2019

Lot Jams is a free summer concert and placemaking series. In 2019 Lot Jams took place in the parking lot between Surge Billiards and Aspire, on Montrose Avenue. Four concerts brought together over 500 people who came out to enjoy music, food, and community in Albany Park!

Thursday Aug. 1: Rev. Bob

Thursday Aug 15: Madera Once

Thursday Aug 22: Black Bear Combo

Thursday Sep 12: Gone Valley



Tastes & Tours of Albany Park - 2019

Tastes and Tours is an NRC sponsored program that provides an opportunity for people to explore Albany Park's history and diverse culinary offerings. In 2019, NRC offered 5 events over the course of one weekend, where participants were invited on walking tours, panel discussions, and food tours in our community.

Friday May 3rd: Northside History Roundtable

Saturday May 4th: Albany Park Walking Tour

Saturday May 4th: FOOD TOUR: Tastes & Tours of Albany Park

Saturday May 4th: Brown Line Tour: Montrose to Kimball

Saturday May 4th: Brick of Chicago Walking Tour: Albany Park