Join the Albany Park Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1927 and revived in 1976, the Albany Park Chamber of Commerce is a program of the North River Commission  with the mission to support, advocate and promote our members and local businesses in the Albany Park, Irving Park, Mayfair, and North Park business districts.

The Chamber provides services and resources to strengthen and physically improve area businesses. We promote the community through tours and marketing, and we work in partnership with NRC to attract new business and investment to the community. Expand and grow your business, rent or buy a home, or visit for the weekend - do it all here in our communities!

Membership Benefits include: 

FREE tickets to all business-to-business networking events

Updates on grants and funding opportunities 

Consultations to build your business

Advertising and marketing

Connections to financial institutions 

Commercial vacancy marketing and/or placement 

Assistance with City officials and departments

First opportunity to sponsor community-wide events 


Membership Benefits

Joining our chamber means more than just a membership; it's your key to a world of exclusive advantages.

Membership offers opportunities to connect, grow, and thrive in our vibrant community. Enjoy perks such as networking events, marketing support, advocacy, and valuable insights. Elevate your business with the support and recognition it deserves – all part of your chamber membership.

Chicago Business Center

North River Commission is proud to serve as one of Chicago's eight Chicago Business Centers (CBC).

We are your dedicated partner in business growth, offering essential resources and assistance for entrepreneurs and small businesses. We simplify licensing, provide financing guidance, connect you with specialized services, and support your expansion into new markets.

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Grants & Business Resources

Discover a wealth of resources and financial opportunities tailored to empower your small business. Our dedicated platform offers a treasure trove of tools, guidance, and access to grants designed to fuel your growth.

Explore a diverse range of grant programs and resources aimed at helping small businesses thrive, innovate, and succeed. Your journey to success begins here.

Chamber Member Directory

Welcome to the vibrant network of businesses and professionals dedicated to fostering growth and success in our community.

This directory serves as a comprehensive digital resource, connecting you with our diverse and accomplished chamber members who contribute their expertise and enthusiasm to our thriving business ecosystem.

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Albany Park and Irving Park Special Service Area #60

The Albany Park and Irving Park Special Service Area #60 (SSA #60), proudly served by the North River Commission, plays a pivotal role in enhancing the Albany Park & Irving Park communities.

Join us in making Albany Park & Irving Park even more vibrant and dynamic. Explore the unique programs and services that SSA #60 brings to our community, and consider attending our public meetings to be part of the conversation and impact.

Neighborhood Business Development Center

Elevate your business with our Neighborhood Business Development Center (NBDC). Whether you're starting a small business, need licensing assistance, or want to connect with the local community, we've got you covered.

Powered by our partnership with the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, our services are tailored to help you thrive.


Need help? Schedule an appointment! 

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