Facade Improvement Program


The Facade Improvement Program is offered through the Albany Park & Irving Park Special Service Area #60 (SSA#60), a special taxing district, whose overall purpose is to:

Support a vibrant, safe, clean, beautiful and welcoming commercial district, filled with restaurants, attractive retail and service, entertainment and cultural options that meet the needs of the local residents and attract visitors.
The Facade Improvement Program is designed to help property owners and tenants within the SSA#60 beautify the front of their buildings. The program provides a rebate of 50% of your costs, and the maximum rebate is $7,500 for 1 storefront or $15,000 for buildings with 2 or more storefronts.

Applications are due on the last day of each month until all available funds are allocated.

Review the SSA 60 boundaries
below to see if you qualify.


The Facade Improvement Program is open to properties located within the Albany Park & Irving Park SSA#60 boundaries (PDF map link):

  • West Lawrence Avenue: Kimball Ave to North Branch Chicago River
  • West Montrose Avenue: Central Park Ave to North Branch Chicago River
  • West Irving Park Road: Spaulding Ave to Sacramento Ave
  • North Kedzie Avenue: Ainslie St to Irving Park Rd
  • North Kimball Avenue Lawrence Ave to Leland Ave

Building owners, or tenants with their building owner’s approval, who plan to make at least $500 of exterior improvements, may receive a 50% rebate for the improvement, up to a maximum of $7,500 per storefront. In addition, the maximum rebate for one building is $15,000 where renovations include two or more storefronts.

CLICK HERE to view past facade projects (PDF 37.5m)


Examples of eligible improvements include, but are not limited to:

  • Signs or graphics, including removal
  • Window and door replacements
  • Tuck-pointing (competitive applications will include more than just tuckpointing)
  • Landscaping and flowerboxes
  • Exterior lighting excluding strobes or flashing lights on windows or awnings
  • Awnings
  • Installation of appropriate anti-graffiti material. NO exterior security gates or grates
  • Security grate removal
  • Security systems, must include other physical storefront improvements
  • Projects that will bring retail spaces into compliance with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)
  • Improvements to sidewalk(s) directly in front or to the side of a property.

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