Membership in North River Commission

Join or renew as a member of North River Commission, your nonprofit partner working with you to improve the quality of life for residents and businesses.

Members are essential to the work of North River Commission. Over our 60 years, North River Commission has welcomed members from all aspects of our business and residential communities, including neighborhood civic associations, businesses, institutions, schools and universities, houses of worship, health care agencies, social service agencies, arts organizations, park advisory councils, and other nonprofit agencies. Note that organizational bylaws require members to represent a group, organization or business and not themselves as an individual.

Thank you for becoming or renewing membership with North River Commission.

Community Collaborations

Your membership supports our work together across our shared interest areas:

  • Improving education in our 25 schools, including after school education, parent mentoring, apprenticeships, supporting Local School Councils, and supporting "Friends of" groups.
  • Economic development through the Albany Park Chamber of Commerce, including direct support for small, family-owned businesses, business district investments adding vibrance and vitality, marketing, and special events.
  • Preserving and creating affordable housing, addressing problem buildings, improving housing stability for residents and landlords, and technical assistance to tenants and landlords to access resources.
  • Addressing inequitable distribution of health services and building strategies and solutions.
  • Enhancing community safety by addressing the root causes of violance.
  • Improving the environment through parks, environmental sustainability, Chicago River improvements, and mobilizing community action.
  • Celebrating the arts, artists, and cultural assets of the community, including arts events, public art installations and murals.

Membership Levels

  • North River Commission, Neighborhood Civic Associations and Park Advisory Councils - $100
  • North River Commission, Nonprofit - $300
  • North River Commission, Business - $500 (this is not an Albany Park Chamber of Commerce membership)

Membership are annual starting on January 1st.

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