FORGE at Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center

What is FORGE?


Forging Opportunities Rooted in Growth and Engagement is an out-of-school-time program offered by the local nonprofit North River Commission in collaboration with Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center. FORGE is free to all registered students and their parents/guardians/caregivers. FORGE provides all programming and materials free to its participants. FORGE is funded by the North River Commission (NRC), including a grant from Illinois State Board of Education Nita M. Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC).

Elizabeth Tellez: Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Site Coordinator

Elizabeth is super excited to be working with the North River Commission. She is the school site coordinator at Von Steuben MSC, where she also graduated from in 2020. Elizabeth grew up in Chicago and is attending Wilbur Wright College, but plans to transfer to ISU to further pursue her psychology degree. Being closer in age to high school students, Elizabeth has a deeper sense of what it means to work alongside students with many different stories and is looking forward to expanding academic excellence at Von with FORGE. Elizabeth loves to read and relax in nature.



Jennifer Sutton: Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center Principal

I am starting my 8th year at Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center and my 23rd year as an educator. I have worked with many schools in CPS and taught for three years in Fairfax County, VA. Born and raised in Chicago, I attended CPS from Kindergarten through HS and have degrees from New York University, DePaul University, and am currently pursuing my Superintendent's license through the University of Illinois in Chicago. My hope as an educator is to bring out our students' passions and interests through enriching experiences, student leadership, and student voice.
Why FORGE? FORGE provides our students with a way to explore their interests and discover new ones while also connecting them with mentors who will support them towards a bright, happy future.

Additional FORGE Staff

Carla Escobar, School Liason

Maddie Polovick, FORGE Program Director

Marilyn Carteño, FORGE Parent and Family Programs Manager



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