Board of Directors

• President: John Friedmann, Horner Park Neighbors and Horner Park Advisory Council
• Financial Secretary: Andrew Schwebel, ALBANK

Vice Presidents
• Arts & Culture: Ronald Duplack, Mayfair Civic Assoc.
• Economic Development: Scott Berman, LADCOR
• Education: Jane Friedman, Hollywood North Park Community Assoc
• Environment: Jim O’Reilly, North Mayfair Improvement Assoc
• Housing: John Friedmann, Horner Park Neighbors and Horner Park Advisory Council

Vice Presidents At Large
• Rev. Tim Johnson, North Park University Seminary
• Kris Pierre, Northeastern Illinois University
• Mark Jones, Horner Park Neighbors
• Tony Rodriquez, Hollywood North Park Community Assoc

Board Liaisons 
• Andrew Levin, Bass Management and SSA Commission

Committee Leadership

Arts & Culture
Ron Duplack

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Interim: Kris Pierre, Ron Duplack, Dalia Aragon

John Friedmann

Andrew Schwebel

Economic Development
Scott Berman

Jane Friedman

Jim O'Reilly

John Friedmann

North Park Village

APIPSSA60_stacked (1)

Albany Park & Irving Park Special Service Area #60 Commissioners

Volunteer Commissioners are appointed by City Council and are drawn from the business districts served by SSA #60.

• Mark Aistrope - Chair - Meeting Tomorrow and resident
• Jamie Alvarez - Mima's Taste of Cuba
• Kareeshma Ali Merchant - Surge Coffee & Billiards
• Saima Causevic - North Side Realty
• Henrik Christensen - resident and property owner
• Daniella Cornue - Le Village Co-Working
• Andrew Levin - Bass Management
• David Maletin - resident and landlord
• Nick Yassan - Rany Management