Greater Albany Park Social Service Provider Directory

This Social Service Provider Directory (SSPD) is maintained by North River Commission as a benefit for the social service providers on the Northwest side of Chicago. Through the upkeep of this directory, we strive to facilitate new connections between local organizations and to better support service providers in meeting the varying needs of the communities we serve.

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Albany Park Defense Network
(312) 612-0898 |
English, Spanish 

Rapid response network organization at a block-by-block level to coordinate actions and support immigrants in our neighborhood, family support, and Migra-watch campaigns.


Albany Park Mutual Aid Group
(312) 854-9741 |
English, Spanish

Food / Shelter:
Purchase and deliver groceries, household items, and baby supplies on request, connect people with helpful resources, conduct diaper drives, accept general aid requests.


Alliance of Local Service Organization (ALSO)
(773) 235-5705 | 2401 W. North Ave
English, Spanish

Mental Health:
ALSO works in partnership with people living in risk of violence to promote safer streets and homes. Implements violence prevention and intervention programs including programs addressing intimate partner violence.


American Indian Center (AIC)
(773) 275-5871 | 3401 W Ainslie St |

Adult Education / Workforce / Youth:
Adult and youth education programs; after school/summer programming; arts & culture; senior meals.


Apna Ghar
(773) 883 - 4663 | 4350 N Broadway St |
English, Urdu, French, Arabic, Amharic, Yoruba, Pashto, Turkish, Dari

Mental Health / Shelter / Social Services:
Culturally competent services for intimate partner violence survivors. 24-hour hotline, Transitional / Emergency Housing, Case Management, Counseling, Legal Advocacy.


Asian Youth Services (AYS)
(773) 517 - 8525 | 3117 W Lawrence Ave |

Drop-in center; Tutoring services; Daily living assistance (food, money, housing referrals); Summer programming; Hot meals 6 days a week; scholarship program; free music and dance lessons. All services are free.


Between Friends
(773) 274-5232 | Hotline (800) 603-4357
English, Spanish

Mental Health:
Toll-free Crisis Line counseling for domestic violence survivors + children; court advocacy; education for healthcare professionals + schools; teen dating violence education program (REACH).


Cambodian Association of Illinois
(773) 878-7090 | 2831 W Lawrence Ave
Khmer, English

Workforce / Youth:
Youth education & after school/summer programs; Peer mentor program; Senior in-home service programs; Cultural preservation; Case management.


Centro Autonomo de Albany Park
(773) 583 - 7728 | 3320 W Foster Ave #135
English, Spanish

Adult Education / Workforce / Youth:
Adult education (ESL, workforce + professional development); Housing rights workshops.


Chicago Methodist Senior Services 
(773) 596-2215 | 1415 W Foster Ave |
Tagalog, English

Adult Education / Healthcare:
Senior health and wellness; Care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients; affordable senior housing. Coverage: Medicare, Medicaid, private pay.


Chicago Public Library - Albany Park
(312) 539 - 5450  | 3401 W Foster Ave |
English, Spanish, Korean

Chicago Public Library - Mayfair
(312) 744 - 1254  | 4400 W Lawrence Ave |
English, Spanish

Adult Education / Workforce / Youth:
Adult education programs (ESL, workforce + professional development); youth education & after school/summer programming.


Chinese Mutual Aid Association
(773) 784 - 2900  | 1016 W Argyle St |
English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Spanish

Adult Education / Workforce / Youth:
ESL; citizenship education; adult education; social services; public programs assistance; employment assistance; home care services; senior activities; small business development; after school and summer camp programs; adolescent mentoring.


Common Pantry
(773) 327 - 0553 | 3744 N Damen Ave |
English, Spanish

Food / Social Services:
Food pantry, weekly hot lunch, drop-in social services.


Cornerstone Community Outreach
(773) 271 - 8163 | | 4628 N. Clifton Ave

Food / Shelter:
Daily living assistance (food, clothing, housing) for residents only; senior shelter; family shelter; single women's shelter; single men's shelter.


Dept. of Child & Family Services - IL
(800) 232 - 3798 | Hotline: 1-800-252-2873 | 100 N Western Ave (multiple locations)
English, Translation available

Education / Social Services / Youth:
Adoption services; report child abuse or neglect; YouthCare health plan; infant wellbeing


Dept. of Family & Support Services
(312) 743 - 0300 | 1615 W Chicago Ave, 5th Floor
English, Translation available

Education / Social Services / Youth:
Community Social Service Centers; Youth services; Homeless services; Domestic Violence survivor support; Senior services; Workforce development


Dept. of Human Services
(800) 843 - 6154
English, translation available

Health / Social Services:
Voter registration; Applications for child care assistance, SNAP, LINK, and medical assistance; Refugee and immigration services; Emergency food and housing assistance


Erie Family Health Centers 
(312) 666-3494 | 5215 N California Ave | 4747 N Kedzie Ave
English, Translation available

Healthcare / Mental Health:
Pediatric/Youth health; adult health; senior health & well-being; mental health counseling; dental services for children and pregnant women; free pregnancy testing; behavioral health + case management services for existing patients. Coverage: Medicaid managed care plans accepted at all sites including school-based health centers, marketplace or private plans accepted at all Erie Health Centers, sliding scale available for uninsured patients.


Friedman Place
(773) 989-9800 | 5527 N Maplewood Ave
English, Spanish

Healthcare / Social Services:
Services for adults who are blind or visually impaired. Permanent supportive living (housing, food, medical care, etc.). Rental assistance. Case management. Coverage: Medicaid, private pay, no fee for some services.


The Friendship Center
(773) 907-6388 | 2711 W Lawrence Ave
English, Spanish

Food / Shelter / Living Assistance:
Food pantry, pet food pantry, home delivery, hot meals program, benefits assistance. M/Th/F 12-4pm, Tu 3-7pm, Th 6-8pm


Galter Life Center (Swedish)
(773) 878-9936 | 5157 N Francisco Ave
English, Spanish, Translation available

Membership-based fitness facility. Part of Swedish Hospital, offering fitness and wellness services that focus on mind, body and spirit. Strong emphasis on: medical fitness, professional staff, a clean and safe environment, clinical integration.


Habitat Restore
(312) 563-0296 | 6040 N Pulaski Rd

Furniture Store:
Discounted home appliances and furniture. Donations are accepted. Can pick up furniture and construction material donations.


HANA Center
(773) 583-5501 | 4300 N California Ave
English, Spanish, Korean

Health / Social Services / Immigration / Adult Education / Youth:
Adult education programs (ESL, workforce development, tech programs); youth education and after school/summer programming; adult health; senior health and housing; mental health therapy and counseling; intimate partner violence intervention; citizenship/immigrant and legal services


Hanul Family Alliance
(773) 478-8851 | 5008 N Kedzie Ave
English, Korean

Adult Education / Food / Shelter / Healthcare / Mental Health / Social Services / Youth:
Adult health; senior health/wellness; Home Care program; adult ed (ESL, workforce + professional development); citizenship, immigration & legal assistance; home-delivered meals; senior victim assistance program; youth taskforce.


Irving Park Community Food Pantry
(773) 283-6296 | 4256 N Ridgeway Ave |

Food assistance; pet food distribution; SNAP application assistance. Open Wednesdays 9am-noon, 2nd Tuesday of the month 6-7pm.


Jane Addams Resource Center
(773) 728-9769 | 4432 N Ravenswood Ave

Healthcare / Social Services:
Workforce development in manufacturing sector (welding, etc); Adult education programs, tutoring for reading, writing, math, and GED prep.


The Kedzie Center
(773) 754-0577 | 4141 N Kedzie Ave, Suite 2
English, Spanish

Mental Health:
Mental health therapy and psychiatry (all ages); Mental Health Education; professional development; senior health & well-being; mental health, therapy & counseling. Coverage: Aetna PPO, BCBS PPO, Illinois Medicare Part B, Certain Medicaid Managed Care Plans, call to confirm uninsured residents ineligible for insurance.


Latino Union of Chicago
(312) 491 - 9044 | 4811 N Central Park Ave
English, Spanish

Adult Ed / Workforce:
Health + safety trainings for domestic workers and day laborers; ESL classes; wage theft recovery; immigration support. For union members only.


Lawrence Hall
(773) 769-3500 | 4833 N Francisco Ave

Mental Health / Workforce / Youth:
Residential treatment; Therapeutic day school; foster care; workforce development + adolescent/young adult programming.


Levy Senior Center - NE Regional
(312) 744-0784 | Hotline + Assistance: (312) 744-4016 | 2019 W Lawrence Ave

Mental Health / Workforce / Youth:
Community-based Senior Center; information and assistance that link seniors to city benefits and services; social events; classes; trips; parties; fitness and wellness education.


Lutheran Social Services of Illinois
(847) 635-4600 | 4840 N Byron St

Mental Health / Social Services:
Affordable housing; senior home care; developmental disability programming; foster care and family services; prisoner and family ministry; counseling services


Metropolitan Family Services
(773) 371-3700 | 3249 N Central Ave
English, Spanish

Adult Education / Mental Health / Social Services:
Adoption support; mental health services; substance use prevention services; intimate partner violence clinical services; senior homeowner program.


Muslim Community Center
(773) 725-9047 | 4380 N Elston Ave
English, Arabic

Mental Health / Social Services / Youth:
Marriage Services; funeral Services; hall reservation; rehab & welfare; youth council; counseling.


Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club
(773) 463-4161 | 2501 W Irving Park Rd
English, Spanish

Out-of-school + athletic programs; youth leadership program; K-8 summer camp.


The Night Ministry
(773) 784-9000  | 1735 N Ashland Ave, Ste 2000

Healthcare / Mental Health / Shelter:
Provides housing, health care and human connection to members of our community struggling with poverty or homelessness.


NEIU Student Food Pantry
(773) 442-4602 | 5500 N St. Louis Ave
English, Spanish

Daily living assistance (food, money, childcare) for NEIU students only.


North Park Village Nature Center
(312) 744-5472 | 5801 N. Pulaski Rd
English, Spanish, Portuguese

Free family events + programs; field trips + group visits; early childhood program (3-4 years old); youth summer camp; senior health + well-being; nature + culture; nonprofit + community meeting space. Open 7 days a week, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.


North Park University Counseling Support Services
(773) 244-4897 | 3225 W Foster Ave

Mental Health:
Mental health therapy + counseling services, for North Park University students only.


North River Commission
(312) 860-8543 | 3403 W Lawrence Ave
English, Spanish

Social Services:
Economic and community development; affordable housing; education and environmental programs; health and safety programming. Albany Park Chamber of Commerce.


Northside Housing and Support Services 
(773) 244-6401 | 4410 N. Ravenswood Ave, Suite 101

Food / Shelter / Healthcare / Mental Health:
Extensive case management; housing assistance; transitional or emergency shelter placement; mental health counseling; health screenings and referrals; food and clothing


Oak Street Health
(773) 644-5989 | 4848 W Irving Park Rd
English, Spanish, Polish, Romanian

Health care for older adults with Medicare. Coverage for anyone with Medicare Part B and MMAI program.


Rincon Family Services
(773) 564 - 9070 | 3710 N Kedzie Ave
English, Spanish

Mental Health / Social Services / Youth:
Mental Health Juvenile Justice, Substance Use Services + Prevention (including for youth), 590 Crisis Intervention, Medication Assisted Recovery Program, DUI, Intact, Youth After School Program, Violence Intervention and Prevention Program, Workforce Development, Welcoming Center, New Hope School of Counseling for CRSS/CPRS /CADC certification, Case management.


The Salvation Army Mayfair
(773) 794-6240 | 5020 N Pulaski Rd
English, Spanish, Korean

Food / Mental Health / Workforce / Youth:
Food pantry & emergency financial assistance (utility, rent, clothing); Pathway of Hope program and pastoral care; ESL classes; youth music education + summer programming; referrals for help with workforce development, senior health + well-being, substance use disorder rehabilitation, domestic violence & abuse intervention


Swedish Hospital 
(773) 878-8200 | 5140 N California Ave.
English, Spanish, translation available

Healthcare / Mental Health:
Comprehensive health and wellness services; primary care and specialists; Pathways (interpersonal violence prevention), Food Connections (food insecurity), Healthy Chicago Equity Zones, Healthcare Transformation and more. Coverage: Call 773-989-3841 for financial questions.


Tapestry360 Health
(773) 751-7800 | 3737 W. Lawrence Ave. | 2645 W. Lawrence Ave.
English, Spanish

Healthcare / Mental Health:
Affordable primary care, behavioral health care, dental, wellness programs. Serves students at Roosevelt HS + Hibbard Elementary health centers.


Trilogy Behavioral Healthcare
(773) 765-2543  | 3737 W. Lawrence Ave |
English, Spanish

Mental Health:
Family and Individual Therapy (ages 6+), Case Management, Adult psychiatry. Coverage: Medicaid and Medicaid/Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, IlliniCare, Meridian, Molina, NextLevel, CountyCare


World Relief Chicago
(773) 583 - 9191  | 3507 W. Lawrence Ave. |
English, Spanish, Arabic

Adult Education / Social Services:
Adult education programs (ESL, workforce & citizenship classes) Immigrant family services; Human rights & immigrant legal assistance; Case management for immigrants and refugee; Church & volunteer engagement.


YMCA - Irving Park
(773) 777-7500 | 4251 W. Irving Park Rd.
English, Spanish

Adult Education / Shelter / Youth:
Youth development; adult health; senior health & well-being; housing for males only.


(773) 609-4565 | 3542 W. Sunnyside Ave |
English, Spanish

Resources, mentorship, programming for teen moms.


Youth Outreach Services
(773) 777-7112 | 3445 N Central Park Ave
English, Spanish

Mental Health / Youth:
Adolescent behavioral health counseling; Group and family therapy; Parent support groups; Substance use treatment; After school mentoring; Crisis intervention and homeless youth services; case management.


33rd Ward Working Families

33rd Ward Working Families builds political power through advocacy and education around daily issues that affect the material well-being of residents of Chicago’s 33rd Ward.