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What is the North River Youth Council?

The North River Youth Council is a team of students from all over the Northwest side of Chicago with the common goal of improving their communities and creating neighborhoods that are vibrant, safe, and healthy. We believe that our youth know their neighborhoods best and have key insight into what is needed to improve and enrich our communities. Our youth attend our neighborhood schools, walk our streets, take public transit, go to businesses in the area, and so much more. By providing opportunities for our Youth to organize and express their concerns through action, we are able to accomplish impactful change for the neighborhoods we live in while cultivating valuable leadership and advocacy skills for our young people.


Our Mission

To inform, unite, and mobilize in order to cultivate healthy, safe, and sustainable neighborhoods. The North River Youth Council aims to magnify young people's voices on the issues that directly impact the neighborhoods they live in.


Why Join North River Youth Council?

If you are interested in finding ways to get involved in your ward, community, or neighborhood, this is would be an excellent opportunity to do so.

Moreover, there are numerous benefits of being a Council Member:

  • Council Members receive a monthly stipend, contingent on regular participation in meetings and projects.
  • This is a leadership opportunity that would shine in any college application or resume. As the council is entirely youth-led, this is a great opportunity to hone those planning, organizing, and leadership skills.
  • This is a great chance to meet like-minded peers as Council Members come from all over the Northwest side.

Past Projects

Youth Council standing by their project called "Ripple" which aimed to bring awareness of gun violence in their neighborhoods.

Youth Council standing in front of their projected, titled "Ripple," which aimed to bring awareness of gun violence in their neighborhoods.

YC Image 2

The Ripple art project displayed at 33rd Ward Alders Office.

YC Image 3

North River Youth Council working together to build their mosaic.

YC Image 4

North River Youth Council meeting Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

YC Image 7

The North River Youth Council meeting and collaborating together.

YC Image 6

The Youth Council in front of the 33rd Alders office.

Future Projects

We are excited to start meeting as a Council and build upon the work that has been done previously.  Projects will be brainstormed, planned, and executed by the Council, but we nonetheless still have numerous ideas for upcoming community projects:

  • Helping with a hygiene drive and setting up a location for hygiene products to be picked up.
  • Helping young people be registered to vote.
  • Attending Alder Forums/Mayoral Candidate discussions.

Looking to get Involved? Apply Here!



Contact the Youth Education Organizer, Marc Lopez, at