Dalia Aragon • Housing, Health and Safety Director

Dalia is deeply involved in the communities served by North River Commission as both an Albany Park resident and activist. She founded Israel’s Gifts of Hope Foundation in 2018 that partners with Moms Demand Action, Never Forget Chicago, and other community partners to raise awareness on important community issues. A native Spanish speaker, Dalia spent her 5 month internship prior to starting on staff full time working in the business districts bringing essential resources for growth to our many family-owned businesses. She is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University in Justice Studies and Psychology with a passion for creating opportunities that will help create a stronger and more equitable community. In her spare time, she enjoys going for runs, entertaining her toddler, tuning out to music, and reading.  Hablo español.


Madeleine Polovick, Education Director

Madeleine (Maddie) is thrilled to bring her passion for the intersection of social justice and education to NRC where she will oversee efforts to enrich and expand education initiatives in the community, including the FORGE program and a partnership with Illinois State University’s Teacher Pipeline. A Michigan native and Albany Park resident, Madeleine studied sociology and education at the College of Wooster. She began her career in Chicago by intentionally committing two years to AmeriCorps service with City Year and College Possible, catalyzing her dedication to social impact work that uplifts systematically disadvantaged communities by connecting resources to areas of greatest need. Madeleine has worked closely with English Learner and immigrant students and communities across the state during her time with the Illinois State Board of Education, where she also oversaw Illinois’s Seal of Biliteracy program, and she looks forward to bringing that experience into her new role with NRC.

Outside of work, Madeleine spends lots of time in the kitchen baking all sorts of delicious treats! She is a lifelong musician and enjoys spending quality time in nature with her husband, often going on long bike rides, adventurous hikes, or having beach days at the lake.

Stef Coleman • FORGE Palmer Elementary Site Coordinator
Stef Coleman has lived on three continents, has two pets, raises one reader, and lives surrounded by books in Albany Park. She brings a decade of non-profit experience to her role as the Palmer Site Coordinator for FORGE and is excited to see how the community center will have a transformative impact on countless lives. She and her husband are deeply involved in the Palmer Elementary community, serving on its Local School Council, Parent Advisory Council, and Friends of Palmer groups.
Stef has a Masters of Divinity and knows way too much about all forms of speculative fiction. In past lives she's been a university adjunct instructor, a blogging editor, a minister, a staff member for 2nd Story, freelance editor, and a content editor for a global non-profit organization. (Some of which she continues to do). She speaks German, English, and books. She is a writer of nonfiction essays and is at work on her novel (in her spare time). Hit her up if you need recommendations on books or just want to talk about writing.

Erika Geraldino • Housing, Health and Safety Specialist

Erika Geraldino is excited to join the North River Commission and support the organization's efforts to improve the quality of life of the Northwest neighborhood's residents. Erika graduated from Northeastern Illinois University and received a bachelor's in Latinx and Latin American Studies. Originally from Colombia, Erika grew up surrounded by educators and non-profit workers who inspired her to serve her community. She loves going on walks, making candles, and traveling in her free time. Hablo español.



Bianca Munguia • Youth and Family Specialist

Bianca is excited to work at North River Commission because she believes in the importance of building strong communities. Growing up first-generation, she has always been passionate about advancing immigrant and minoritized rights, health, and education. By learning with and from others, she hopes to improve the community she lives and works in. She graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in Sociology and Gender and Sexaulity Studies. Bianca enjoys exploring local food spots, going for walks in the city’s nature trails, and crocheting. 

Bianca está emocionada de trabajar en North River Commission porque cree en la importancia de tener comunidades fuertes. Como ella fue criada en familia inmigrante, siempre le ha apasionado promover los derechos, la salud, y la educación de los inmigrantes y las comunidades minoritarias. Al aprender con y de los demás, espera mejorar la comunidad en la que vive y trabaja. Se graduó en la Universidad de Chicago con una licenciatura en Sociología y Estudios de Género y Sexualidad. En su tiempo libre, a Bianca le gusta explorar comida local, caminar por los caminos naturales de la ciudad, y tejer.


Eve Miller • Community Development Specialist

Eve is excited to join North River Commission team and work to support small businesses, provide access to public art, and assist in providing environmental justice in the community. Eve is passionate about the need for access to services, general support, and knowledge for every community, and seeks to use her variety of skills to ensure that the Northwest side is thriving in every capacity. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she studied Library and Information Science, and Texas Woman's University, where she studied Social Work, both of which have enforced the drive to be a champion for communities in need. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, thrifting, and hanging out with her family.

FORGE School Site Coordinators

Parent Mentor Program School Site Coordinators

  • Haugen Elementary • Katherine Henriquez Johar
  • Hibbard Elementary • Luisa Burciaga