Public Safety


North River Commission is developing a comprehensive violence prevention program to address the root causes of violence as well as directly support community members affected by violence.

Our public safety program includes:

  • Violence Prevention Programs
  • Youth/Emerging Adult Development
  • Community Engagement & Support

Violence Prevention Programs

The North River Commission Community Health & Safety Committee is made up of health professionals, community partners, and other social service providers within NRC’s boundaries. The Committee provides consistent and authentic community intelligence and brings voice to the work of staff and community partners.

NRC staff organize monthly Social Service Provider Networking events with community organizations and other area experts to foster professional development and connections among social service providers. These monthly events bring local providers together to learn about others’ new or continued programming, visit other providers’ sites, and participate in workshops and share resources. This builds familiarity and strengthens relationships between providers and organizations, leading to better referrals for community members who require resources one organization may not be able to provide on their own.

NRC has also implemented the Parent Mentoring Program / PMP at two local elementary schools to bolster support and education for new parents. NRC has secured funding for this program through ISBE and the Parent Engagement Institute run by SWOP/LSNA but will continue this program as a violence prevention strategy.

Social Service Professional Development networking event at Lawrence Hall, January 2023

Youth / Emerging Adult Development

The North River Youth Council provides students with stipends and offers opportunities to be leaders, problem solvers, and advocates for solutions to the challenges they face. The expansion of OST programming at two local high schools and a pilot apprenticeship program promotes youth career development, job training, and paid hands-on learning at local businesses.

Local Business Apprenticeships for High School Students:
Students are paired with apprenticeships which meet twice a week, and meet with the advisor for professional development once a week for 10 weeks each program term. For their participation, they receive a stipend for the program term.

Community Engagement & Support

By expanding cultural and recreational activities, hosting conversations, forums, and webinars, NRC's team works to increase awareness and address social determinants of health and safety. NRC's activities and programs build community awareness and resilience through targeted, hyper-local community activation in response to a violent incident, and implements public art creation through a community-led process.


How to Get Involved

To join other NRC volunteers in community safety initiatives, sign up by clicking here.