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Special Service Area (SSA) #60 Meetings

The SSA Commissioners, the volunteer leaders who guide the work of the SSA, meet monthly on the 2nd Wednesday (exceptions noted).
All meetings are open to the public. 


Per City of Chicago DPD staff on May 9, 2023:

All SSA Commission meetings after May 11, 2023, will revert back to pre-COVID Open Meetings Act requirements.  Because the public health emergency is expiring, public bodies will no longer be able to conduct exclusively remote meetings under the public health provision in section 7(e) of the Open Meetings Act after May 11, 2023.

The Open Meetings Act has general provisions (in place before COVID) that allow for a member to join remotely if it is in accordance with the rules adopted by the public body, a quorum of the members of the public body is physically present, and the member cannot physically attend is because of personal illness or disability, employment purposes or the business of the public body, or a family or other emergency. See 5 ILCS 120/7(a)-(d).

Public access information for virtual Zoom SSA #60 meetings:


2024 SSA #60 Meetings:
SSA meetings are held in-person with the option to join via Zoom. Zoom meeting details are listed above, and in-person attendance is welcome at the meeting, located at 3403 W Lawrence Ave Ste 301, Chicago, IL 60625.

Meetings are held at 12 PM.

  • January - No Meeting
  • February 14 @ Zoom
  • March 13 @ Zoom
  • April 10 @ Zoom
  • May 8 @ Zoom
  • June 12 @ Zoom 
  • July 10 @ Zoom
  • August - No Meeting
  • September 11 @ Zoom
  • October 9 @ Zoom
  • November 13 @ Zoom
  • December 11 @ Zoom

For all 2023 meeting minutes, click here to go to the google drive folder.

For all 2022 meeting minutes, click here to go to the google drive folder.