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Special Service Area (SSA) #60 Meetings

The SSA Commissioners, the volunteer leaders who guide the work of the SSA, meet monthly on the 2nd Wednesday (exceptions noted with *).
All meetings are open to the public. 

For SSA meetings starting in April 2020 due to COVID-19:
Commissioners and public can access meetings remotely via conference call. Governor Pritzker declared, effective March 16, 2020, that meetings and quorum can be achieved virtually. Read the 3/16/20 Declaration and Open Meetings Act updates here.

Per City of Chicago DPD staff on August 14, 2020: The City's Law Department wants to remind you the City of Chicago continues to conduct all public meetings remotely as the Governor's order for public meeting continues.  A reminder that SSA Commissions and their appointed Commissioners are an extension of the City, and as such, all SSA Commission meetings are to continue being held remotely until further notice.  This includes providing public access information as part of the public notices that are posted for these meetings.

Public access information for virtual Zoom SSA #60 meetings:

About SSA #60

The Albany Park & Irving Park Special Service Area (SSA #60), located in the most diverse neighborhood in Chicago, supports a vibrant, safe, clean, beautiful, and welcoming commercial district filled with restaurants, attractive retail and service, and entertainment and cultural options that meet the needs of local residents and attract visitors. SSA programs support both businesses and residents.

Current programs and services within the business district:

  • $80,000-100,000 invested in matched façade improvement rebates of 50% up to $7,500 - $15,000
  • Rebates for security cameras, emergency board-ups (civil unrest), and sidewalk patio/outdoor dining cafes
  • Daily sidewalk litter pick-up
  • Tree inventory, maintenance, and planting
  • District marketing and events; district banners
  • Business attraction and vacancy inventory
  • Snow removal at over 1″ or 2" of snow accumulation
  • Beautification, streetscaping, and landscaping


2023 SSA #60 Meetings:
Until otherwise advised, SSA meetings are hybrid meetings. Zoom meeting details are listed above, and in-person attendance is welcome at the meeting, located at 3403 W Lawrence Ave Ste 201, Chicago, IL 60625.

Meetings are held at 12 PM.

  • January 11 @ Zoom
  • February 8 @ Zoom

  • March 8 @ Zoom

  • April 12 @ Zoom

  • May 10 @ Zoom

  • June 7* @ Zoom (first Wednesday of the month, not second)

  • July 12 @ Zoom

  • September 13 @ Zoom

  • October 11 @ Zoom

  • November 8 @ Zoom

  • December 13 @ Zoom

For all 2022 meeting minutes, click here to go to the google drive folder.

2020 SSA #60 Meetings

2019 Meetings